ASE Mechanics Help Consumers Avoid Lemons

A lemon is car that never works right no matter how many repairs its owner gives it. Even the most skilled mechanic can do little when they purchase a lemon, although they may appreciate the challenge of owning one more than the average person. The average person knows nothing of major automotive repair; they need to know how to avoid buying such cars.

A customer buying a used car is even more vulnerable to getting a bad car than a customer buying a new car. When this happens, it helps if someone buys a certified user car. What does this means? It usually means that an ASE certified mechanic goes over the car. The inspection process reveals any major flaws before it goes on the lot.

ASE certification is a test and a training program designed to make sure mechanics offer the highest quality service. Mechanics gain the certification by demonstrating their knowledge and their skill. It is important because it shows a consumer that the mechanic is worthy of the consumer’s trust.

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