How to Use the Roof Rack Feature on an SUV

There is no question that SUVs are popular cars for families to travel in. One of the main reasons for that is because they offer extra room. Part of the reason for that would be because they often have a luggage rack. Here are steps to consider for using your SUV’s luggage rack effectively:

Step One

Measure the size of the box or bag efficiently. Make sure you allow for whether your luggage is compatible with any crossbars you may have and be sure that the flap does not hang over.

Step Two

Make sure your bag is durable and weatherproof. They must be made of materials that can handle a number of elements and also be able to handle a minimum speed of 55 MPH and sometimes even 75 or higher.

Step Three

Pack the bag after you have affixed it to the straps on the cargo rack to avoid any neck or back injuries. Be sure to use at least four straps in order for your luggage to be as secure as possible.


For these and other issues, you can definitely bring your SUV to your Motor City to have it serviced. Call them today if you have any questions!

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