Keeping Tires Clean

It's easy to understand why tires can get so dirty - they do all the hard work. Keeping them clean can not only make a difference in your vehicle's overall appearance, but it can also lengthen the life span of your tires and wheels.

To remove dirt, grime, and brake dust generated while driving, use a cleaner specifically designed for tires and wheels. Following the directions on the product, apply cleaner to each area. A stiff tire brush should do the trick in terms of removing sticky, oily substances. You may have to work hard to remove old layers of dirt and caked-on debris.

Rinsing things off right away and then drying with gentle fabrics are key steps to getting a great shine. Take care of one wheel and tire completely before moving to the next. This eliminates spots and streaks. If you have any questions, let us know at Motor City in Lafayette, LA.

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