Avoiding a Tire Blowout

Ready to head out on a long road trip? Before you do, you should check your tires for signs of improper inflation, cracks, bulges, and other issues that can cause a tire blowout. These are dangerous events that can occur when your tires haven’t been properly inflated and show signs of low tire pressure. This leads to more pressure on your tires, causing them to become uneven and worn.

When you notice that your tire tread is waning, you need to get your tires to a service shop immediately. You could be headed for a major blowout when you hit certain speeds on the highway, which is an accident waiting to happen. Most mechanics agree that you should check your tires every day, especially if you notice more vibrations when you drive at higher speeds. It can be difficult to see when your tread is worn, so you should make sure to use the penny test to track your tread and ensure that it’s not going bald.

Flat tires can be dangerous. If you want to avoid dealing with a blowout, you can head to Motor City for more information. It’s the best place to get a deal on new tires in Lafayette, LA.

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