Why Should You Consider a Crossover?

Finding a vehicle that suits your needs can be a challenge, especially when those needs are changing. Here at Motor City in Lafayette, LA, we want you to be an informed consumer. Buying a crossover may be just the style vehicle you are looking for. Why should you consider a crossover?

The crossover style offers third-row seating. For a larger family, or when you need to haul a bunch of kids to soccer practice, that extra seating comes in handy. Look for a crossover that has an easy-to-access third row. Some styles give you the choice to store the third row when you need cargo room.

Today's crossovers offer a number of options, which makes them even more attractive. Some common options include AWD, towing options, fold down seats, high-end technology, and high-quality cabin fittings. Stop by the dealership to see our selection of crossovers for yourself. Test drive a few to see if they are a fit for you.

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